Residential Service FAQ

If you do not see your question below, email Taylor.

Do I have to sort my recycling?

Nope. No sorting is required. All recycling can be put into the provided bags. We handle all the sorting. And if you have any large items, like big cardboard or plastics, just place them beside your bin and bags and we'll collect those as well.

Am I limited to my 14-gallon blue bin?

Absolutely not. There is no limit to how much recycling we will collect. Most use the provided bags, which are much larger than 14 gallons. We start clients off with four bags. If you ever need more, let us know and we will drop more off as soon as we can.

Do I have to use the bags?

No. Many clients choose to loosely hold their recycling in multiple bins. This is fine, as we can directly unload the bins into our collection vehicles. Additional bins are available at Canadian Tire, Walmart, or Home Hardware. The only restriction is the bins must be no bigger than 120 litres . We will not lift any bin or cart larger than 120 litres. See below for more details on larger bins.

 Can I use a large cart similar to the carts the City of Whitehorse uses for garbage and compost collection?

Yes, but with one stipulation. The recycling must be in bags. These carts are designed to be lifted with an automated arm. They are too bulky and heavy for two people to safely lift and dump into our vehicles. But if they are used to house bags of recycling, our collection crews will reach in and collect the bags. 

 **Our collection crews will not collect recycling loosely housed in carts larger than 120 litres**

 The large carts are available at Canadian Tire, Walmart, or Home Hardware. 

 What can I recycle?

 The City of Whitehorse has a great web app that helps you sort all your waste.

 The short answer is we take all household recycling.

 This includes:

  • paper
  • plastics
  • soft plastics (grocery bags)
  • aluminium
  • glass
  • cardboard
  • styrofoam
  • tin cans

We do not accept the following:

  • Batteries,
  • Oil & Paint,
  • Electronics,
  • Hazardous Chemicals or Waste
  • Compost

When do I put my recycling out?

6:00 pm.  Collections start at 6:00 pm, so have your recycling out by that time. Different neighbourhoods are collected on different nights. See the Collection Schedules drop down menu on the top of the page find your a PDF of your neighbourhood's collection schedule. 

How is payment taken?

Online credit card payments are done through Bambora

Recurring payments will take place on the date of your initial payment. For example, a clients signing up on January 15th, will have their first recurring payment on February 15th and the 15th of each following month. 

Upon cancellation of the service, your Beanstream account will be deleted.

Monthly recurring payments require a Visa Debit, Visa or MasterCard. See below for other payment options.

How do I change my credit card number or expiry dates?

To change the credit card on file, please call us at 867-336-2558 and we will update you account information. 

 **Do not email Whitehorse Blue Bin Recycling your full credit card number**

To update an expiry date for a credit card, simply email Taylor the new date. We will reply a confirmation that the information has been updated. 

Are there other payment options?

Prepaying for six or twelve months blocks is available for those not wanting to use a credit card. The cost is $126 for six months and $252 for twelve months. These payments can be done by cheque, etransfer, or credit card.

For more information or to set up payment, email Taylor.

Is there a way to be reminded when collection occur?

A reminder emailed to each member in the morning of the collection night. PDF schedules are also available to be printed for the fridge.

What happens with money from the refundables?

All money we received from refundables are put back into the company to help expand and improve our services.

How do I cancel my service?

Clients can cancel the service at any time. A simple email stating your intent to cancel can be sent to Taylor. You will immediately be taken off recurring payments. We will continue to collection recycling from your house for any remaining collection nights in you payment period. We do not offer refunds. 

Your email will be removed from the reminder mailing list after your last collection.