Residential Service FAQ

If you do not see your question below, please email our Costumer Service.

+ Do I have a to sort my recycling?

Yes. We collect in two streams. A Paper Stream for all paper fibre products and a Container Stream for all other materials.

In the past, this was a single-stream recycling collection service, meaning we did not require subscribers to sort any of their recycling. Beginning in 2018, we became a dual-stream collection service, meaning we required subscribers to put recycling into a Paper Stream (for all paper fibre products) and Container Stream (all other recyclable materials).

Recycling markets are changing. China is enforcing higher quality control measures on the material it imports. If the bails are not up to standard, the processor is fined, and the costs are passed down the line. As a result, our processor is having a difficult time finding a reliable market for single-stream comingled residential recycling material.

By separating paper products out of the Container Stream, our processor will have the flexibility to produce higher quality products that are now in demand. This change will allow us to be the best recycler we can be and continue the work to divert material from the Whitehorse Landfill.

To learn more about this decision please check out our press release/announcement.

+ What materials go in the Paper Stream?

  • Newsprint
    • Examples: newspaper, flyers.
  • Boxboard
    • Examples: cereal boxes, cracker boxes
  • Old corrugated cardboard
    • Examples: TV boxes, appliances boxes
  • Office paper
  • Printer paper
  • Construction paper

Do not include

  • Anything listed to go into Container Stream
  • Paper towel or facial tissues
  • Material with food residue

+ What materials go in the Container Stream?

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastics #1 - #7
  • Tin cans
  • Glass
  • Styrofoam
  • All beverage containers
  • Milk jugs and milk cartons
  • Tetra Paks
  • Yoghurt containers

Do not include

  • Anything lists to go into Paper Stream
  • Material with food residue

Items may be added or removed based on market demand. Customers will be notified of any changes and our website will make any announcements regarding changes here.

All containers must be cleaned and rinsed of all food stuffs. Food contamination hurts the quality of the product, reducing its market demand. Please ensure material is clean.

Failure to adequately rinse containers may result in the material being refused at curb.

+ What time does my material need to be on the curb?

We start collections at 7:00 am. Please put your material out as close to this time as possible.

+ How can I be reminded of collection day?

Check out our pdf schedule and Google Calendars for each zone on our Schedules page.

+ Do I need to put my Blue Bin on the curb?

Yes. The Blue Bins are necessary for several reasons. First, bylaw requires it. Secondly, it assists our crew as the Blue Bin is much easier to see than just the bags. Finally, the Blue Bin is needed so our crew has a place to leave the Yellow Bags and fresh clear bags. You may use another container or bin, such as a 240-litre cart.

If you need a new bin, contact Taylor.

+ Are there any limits to how much material can be collected?

No. We have no limits to the amount we collect. If you run out of bags, let us know and we’ll drop more off as soon as possible. If you are in a pinch and we cannot get them to you before the next collection day, please use whatever bins/boxes/bags you have on hand.

+ My recycling wasn’t collected. What should I do now?

If there was an issue with your recycling being collect, please contact Taylor as soon as possible and we’ll work out a solution.

+ I have a large cardboard box; will you take it?

Yes. If you have a large cardboard box from a TV or fridge, we will definitely take it. Please take out all the styrofoam and place into the Container Stream. Then collapse the box as much as possible and put next to your Blue Bin.

+ Are bags provided?

Yes. At signup, each unit will be given one Yellow Bag for the Paper Stream and four 35”x50” clear bags for the Container Stream.

At collection, the Yellow Bag will be emptied and left in your Blue Bin. The clear bags will be taken away and fresh clear bags will be left in your Blue Bin. Our crew will leave as many fresh bags as they take from the curb.

+ Do I need to use bags?

No. We do not require the use of bags. However, most customers find it is the best way to recycle as much as they can.

The only bag requirement is for clients with large carts (anything larger than 120 litres). These carts are too large to lift manually, so in order to empty them safely, bags must be used inside the large carts.

+ How do I get more bags?

If you ever need extra bags, please contact Taylor and they will be dropped off as soon as possible. If you are in a pinch, you can use your own bags as long as they are clear. The bags much be clear so I collectors can determine the quality of the material and ensure it is properly sorted.

+ What do I do with my Yellow Bag?

Your Yellow Bag should be filled with Paper Stream materials. At collection, place next to your Blue Bin on the curb. Our crew will empty the Yellow Bag in our truck then place in your Blue Bin along with fresh clear bags for the Container Stream.

+ What if I have more Paper Stream than fits in the Yellow Bag?

If it’s a week where your house has produced more Paper Stream material than fits in the Yellow Bag, please use a a clear bag (ie. Container Stream bag) or your Blue Bin or another bin or box.


If you find your house consistently produces more Paper Stream material than fits in the Yellow Bag, we will provide a second Yellow Bag.

+ Why do I need to clean my containers?

Food residue and other contaminates reduce the quality of the recycling we produce and could possibly lead to otherwise recyclable material having to be sent to the landfill instead of diverted.

+ What happens to the material after it is collected?

All material collected by WBBR is taken to Raven Recycling for processing. Depending on the market demand, materials will be sorted and bailed and shipped to places in Vancouver. From there it is sold on the world market and may end up in China or other East Asian countries. Beer bottles are reused by Yukon Brewing.

+ I need to update my payment information.

Contact Taylor

+ I’d like to pay for a family member or friend. How does that work?

Contact Taylor

+ How do I cancel my service?

Contact Taylor stating your intention to cancel. We will send a confirmation email by the end of the next business day. We will continue collections until the end of your pay period.