Announcement! Moving to morning and dual stream collections beginning January 2018!

We would like to tell you about changes to expect for residential recycling services coming in January 2018. These changes will improve our service by reducing the number of bags used and improving collection efficiency. 

Monthly prices will stay exactly where they are. Details about the changes, and why they’re happening, are listed below.

1. Morning collections

Recycling collections will now happen in the morning. Collection days will not change, but collections will begin at 7:00 am. 

Reminder emails will be sent out the day before collection. Please place your material out on the curb before 7:00 a.m. on collection day.  New collections schedules can be found on the Schedule page

Why the change?

With our increasing client base, collections have stretched later and later into the night. We believe this change will allow us to collect with as little disruption as possible to you and your neighbours.

2. Dual stream service

We are moving to a dual stream collection service. The two streams will be a Container Stream and a Paper Stream. The two streams will use different coloured bags.

The Container Stream will use clear bags (or no bags!). It is for all non-paper materials. This includes:

  • plastics 
  • aluminum cans 
  • glass 
  • tin 
  • beverage containers
  • cartons and Tetra Paks.

The Paper Stream will use the Yellow Bag. It is for all paper products. This includes: 

  • newsprint 
  • boxboard 
  • cardboard 
  • office paper. 

A full list of acceptable materials for each stream can be found on our website

For the Container Stream, it is very similar to the current single-stream method. Simply put all your materials into the clear plastic bags we provide. You can also just store the material loosely in bins 120 litres or smaller (larger carts or bins are too heavy to lift manually and will still require using bags). All material must be clean and free of food residue.

At collection, place your Blue Bin and any full clear plastic bags on the curb. We will take away the full bags and leave fresh ones for you. 

For the Paper Stream, we will provide a Yellow Bag during your last collection of December. Instructions on what to include and not to include are printed on the sides of these bags. At collection, place the Yellow Bag next to your Blue Bin. We will empty the Yellow Bag into the truck and place it back in to your empty Blue Bin. 

We are starting out each unit with a single Yellow Bag. If you consistently have more Paper Stream than fits in a single Yellow Bag, we will provide a second one. If it only happens every so often, please use a clear bag. The goal here is to reduce the number of bags our service uses.

Why the change?

Using the Yellow Bags for the Paper Stream will reduce the use of the clear bags by 30 per cent. Reduction is the first and most important step of the Three Rs. 

The move to dual stream is also in response to changes in world recycling markets. As explained in this McClatchy article, Chinese government policy is putting pressure on North American recyclers to produce higher quality material. Separating out paper allows our processor, Raven Recycling, to send a higher quality product to market. There is simply no longer a reliable market for single-stream recycling. We are a small player on the world stage, and it’s vital that we do all we can to ensure the material we collect has a market and is divertible.

Obviously, these changes require you to begin separating paper from other materials. We understand this is a new step, but we believe the Yellow Bags will make this adjustment as simple and seamless as possible. We did not make this decision lightly, but it is a step we need to take to become a better recycling service. 

If you have any questions, please check out our new FAQ page. If your question is not answered, contact me directly. Our team is ready to help you make this transition as easy as possible. 

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